The case: How WD helped locate the problem of an increased traffic budget, which actually yielded lower conversions on our client’s video portal.

One of WD customers noticed an abnormal uptick of fake traffic on its video portal, without conversions or revenue growth.

The client took this uptick as an error in the WD system and did not attach any importance to it. But one of the managers of the video portal decided to investigate the problem in greater detail and saw that there was further a sharp increase of paid traffic on the video portal. As a result of this, a double increase of traffic could lead to a significant increase without any growth of income, despite a double increase of traffic revenue.

Having analyzed the origin of Fake sessions in the WD system, the video portal saw the following picture:

All Fake sessions were from the data center: HetznerOnlineGmbH.
Having more precise information on the origin of the anomaly, the video portal set up a log on its web server and identified the reason that all fake requests were generated by the Sentry error tracking system ( The same was reported by the WD system:

After identifying the source of the problem and the facts of its existence, the video portal contacted the data center and effectively solved the problem with the abnormal tracker. Having solved this issue, they successfully managed to greatly reduce their advertising budget, while conversion rates on the video portal increased.