Tracking tips

In order to avoid confusion with tracking, for example, zero tracks or for the loss of some tracks, we recommend using the following simple rules below: 1. Please use WD _wd_t tracking or utm_source Google tags. You can learn more about this in the special section of the WD user…continue reading →

Filters in the analytics

Although it is always recommended, not all of our customers use the detailed filters available to them to optimize bots, low quality traffic or other issues affecting their campaigns shown in the analytics. Filters/search are in the sections - Scoring details, Deep Analysis and Visitor Analysis. The fields you can…continue reading →

Traffic overlapping

If you are buying traffic from different sources, there is a high probability that different suppliers will sell you the same impression/click from the same user during the same session, often resulting that you end up paying multiple times for that same impression/click which in the aggregate, often ends up…continue reading →