We have decided to define what is meant by the small icons next to the domains and campaigns in WD tools.

defines a public domain that was provided to you for free of charge by WhiteDiagnostic. Further details about the domain here.

icon defines a domain that has an https connection.

icon on the left of a domain or campaign means that the domain has been shared to you for monitoring by other WD client. You can keep track of a domain or campaign, but don’t have the privileges to edit it.

icon, when clicked upon, allows you to add other WD clients, who you would like to grant access to view the analytics by domain or campaign.

icon, when clicked upon, shows which WD clients have been granted access to view the analytics by domain or campaign.

icon allows you to change the secret token for a domain or campaign.

icon allows you to edit the name and description of a domain or campaign.

icon appears near domains or campaigns that were provided (shared) to you by other WD clients. When you hover a cursor over the question mark, it shows the description, who granted access and the expiration date of sharing.

icon allows you to delete a domain, campaign or sharing.