Recently, our development team has released a new section called Overview. This section is in all White Diagnostic tools.

White Diagnostic Overview section

Now you have the opportunity to analyze and see indicators response (red – critical, yellow – suspicious) not for each session/request, but for all traffic in general.

All this can be seen from a perspective of tracking subsystem and other filters.
Currently, we provide information on the following characteristics:

    • Top JS versions;
    • WiFi traffic from Mobile devices;
    • Top Adobe Flash versions;
    • Top OS;
    • Top OS versions;
    • Top Devices;
    • Top Countries;
    • Top Browsers;
    • Mobile / Desktop;
    • Top Cities;
    • Top Internet Service Providers;
    • Top Screen resolutions;
    • Oracle Java Support;
    • HTML 5 Support;
    • Image Support;
    • Top low-quality sources;
    • Top low-quality tracks;
    • Suspicious IP;
    • Top Window resolutions.

We are constantly working on expanding the list.

White Diagnostic Overview section

Any diagram will get you to a deeper analysis on each characteristic and value (by clicking on the diagram legend).
This section should fundamentally improve the accuracy of your decision-making in order to optimize the advertising budget!