Our customers often ask questions about the “olimpiada” domain in the list of sites. What is it and why is it there?
This domain is provided to all of our customers for quick start to our system. You can immediately start working and checking your traffic just sending it to this domain (the actual unique URL is in the user’s panel).

WD olimpiada domain

There is no difference in working with this domain from working with your own domain, you can use traffic tracking. You just don’t need to place any code – we have already done it for you.
A good example for the reason to use this domain is when you get a new traffic provider and need to quickly check its quality without risking your resources. Use our public domain for that! Checked? Satisfied? Feel free to switch it to your resources! And if the traffic is of low quality – you do not risk getting on bad terms with your advertisers!
We try to make managing your business as easy as possible!