If you run PPC campaigns for your business, which is a very effective online sales strategy for your products and services, you should be aware of click fraud. Click fraud is a common issue, which stops many businesses to explore online advertisement opportunities. However, to deal with these issues, various click fraud detection methods should be used to ensure that your ads will be shown to a real human and not a competitor that clicks on your ads.

Click fraud prevention is an essential step every advertiser has to take in order to prevent their ad budget from being depleted by your competitor with intent to rank higher in sponsored listing. Click fraud can be caused by publishers themselves to make their website more attractive for ad placement and of course to generate extra money, or your customer can accidentally click your ad rather than clicking on an organic search result or from a bookmark list.

There are various methods through which click fraud is committed, understanding this will help you employ a click fraud prevention technique. Most common click fraud methods are automated click and manual click fraud. Automated click fraud uses software to repeatedly click on your ads. Manual click fraud is done by actual people, either from within a rival company or from outside the company hired to physically click through your ads.

The only way to have complete confidence in steering your costs away from the threat of click fraud, is to monitor the situation yourself, don’t just rely on any of the other search engine networks you advertise on to police your traffic.

Recommended step for monitoring and reducing click fraud

-Use of click fraud detection software for tracking& to get greater detail and insight on the customer who clicks your ads.

-Identify metrics to audit

-Audit metric values to create a benchmark

In order to prevent click fraud an alternate can be cost-per-impressions (CPM), and also cost-per-action (CPA) can be two good choices,where you only pay when a user has clicked through the ad and made a conversion, or have done some type of specific behavior like subscribing, verifying email and phone, filling landing pages etc.

About White Diagnostic

White Diagnostic is a traffic quality detection system utilizing the latest suite of tools to detect bot and low quality traffic. Not only does White Diagnostic clearly identity bot traffic, but our software helps companies understand the characteristics of their traffic with deep analysis that includes over 200+ filters.