One of the biggest hesitations for advertisers who want to explore paid search is click fraud.  It’s actually a very valid concern for many PPC practitioners but click fraud should not be the reason to avoid PPC altogether. As long as you employ proactive measures to protect yourself click fraud should not be the reason explore paid search.

Top 3 tips to protect yourself from click-happy criminals:

  1. Set up IP Exclusions in AdWords: If you know the IP address associated with fraudulent clicks, you can block your ad from being served to that IP in the future. To set up exclusion, all you need to do is head to the Settings tab and scroll down to the IP Exclusions setting. From there, you just need to plug in the offending addresses and that should make a difference.
  2. Run Remarketing Campaigns: remarketing ads are only displayed to those who have visited and displayed interest in the advertiser’s website. There’s no risk of publishers clicking on the ads, because they can’t see them.
  3. Adjust Your Ad Targeting: If your click fraud is coming from a specific geographic region, it is advisable to exclude these locations and their respective languages. If you suspect that any competitor is conducting click fraud with intension defraud your ad budget, you can exclude their zip code, city, etc.

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