If you run a PPC campaign on search engines these days then you must protect yourself from invalid clicks (click fraud), otherwise invalid clicks can end up consuming up your entire advertising budget and you will never be able to reach to your targeted customer even after meeting your advertising budget.

System for invalid click detection

1. Filters

-Automated algorithm which filter out invalid clicks in real-time

-Analyze all clicks

-Account for vast majority of invalid click detection

2. Offline Analysis

-Automated algorithms and manual analysis

-Focused on the Adsense network

-Accounts for a much smaller proportion of invalid clicks than #1

3. Investigation (Reactive approach)

-Relatively rare

-All advertiser inquiries are investigated by click quality team

-Invalid clicks detected by investigations negligible proportions relative t #1 and #2

Other methods includes
Forensic analysis of advertisers’ web server log files
Third-party corroboration

While there are numerous Pay Per click fraud detection software tools, White Diagnostic is one of the most effective tools that prevent bot traffic from depleting your advertising budget and also provides you with a full suite of tools to manage your ad campaigns with actionable decisions.