Ad fraud is acrucial issue that every marketer needs to understand. According to IAB, ad fraud costs our industry over $8 billion a year, and that is in the U.S. alone, an astonishing number and as budgets continue to flow over to digital, this amount is ever increasing

-You can be assured that you will see an earnings increase with all ofthe actionable data that will be available to you

-Real time detection of the traffic quality, whether it comes from botnets, stolen devices, malicious scriptsetc.

-White Diagnostic system will only show your ads to a real human

-Clear information detailing why the sources are scoring low/high, broken down by sources or IP, exportable to show your partners why they were compromised or to make blocks

– Get Information such as date, time, general geolocation, IP address, cookie ID, keywords used, referrer, browser, and operating system of every visitor who clicks on your Ad

Detecting click fraud using systems provided by advertising networks is not advisable since they will not show you any identifying analysis about the characteristics of the clicks, such as IP address or cookie data. White Diagnostic shows you all of this information and more so you can see detailed information about who is clicking such as their browser type, operating system and time/date of each click.

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