The control of traffic quality scoring rules for adjusting White Diagnostic core with user requirements.

The WD platform was updated the other day, besides the new algorithms for traffic quality analysis, we have added the ability to control the enabling and disabling (on/off) of specific scoring rules.

White Diagnostic screenshot 01

This could be useful when dealing with different types of traffic or landing pages.

Here are some examples:

1. You deal with one-page landing pages (landing sites) and such a parameter as a Bounce Rate is not that essential for you in quality estimation. In this case, it is better to turn it off, so this rule will be not be active in quality rating. Here even though you can see it, it will not be counted in the overall scoring.

White Diagnostic screenshot 01

2. You deal with adult or warez traffic, which is the subject of the Harm to Brand rule. In this case, it’s better to turn off the rule “Site content harms the brand”, and it will not be included in the process of quality analysis.

3. You deal with POP traffic, and all of your advertising is shown in iFrame. You will need to exclude “Abnormal behavior”, “GUI error”, “No key pressing” rules from scoring.

It’s worth remembering that enabling and disabling (on/off) of rules works only on your personal sites or campaigns. You can’t control the rules on sites that were provided to you by other users of the system (were shared to you).

But the most important advantage of the current system update is that you’re still able to access both modes for your traffic estimation: the one that you set up yourself and the other one that the system counts on a full set of rules. You can always check the accuracy of your settings in comparison with the recommended system scoring on a full set of rules.

You can compare and analyze the difference using the toggle in the upper right corner:

scoring rule off
– you get system-wide traffic quality scoring with a full set of rules (without your rules corrections);

scoring rule on
– you get traffic quality scoring with your rules setup.

By enabling or disabling (on/off) rules that are not essential (or may be not applicable) for your traffic type, you have a unique opportunity to get an objective quality scoring, and, therefore, make proper decisions for your business.